Used Dress Room

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Updated as of 4/11/2023

Tony Rutherford

Linda Rutherford

Kevin Forde

Karen Conway

​Mairead Early

Niall Mulligan

Dan Foster

Hosting the 2023 NAFC Junior Belt, Open to both Boys and Girls in the U17, U16, U15, U14 age groups who placed 1st in Open Championship at a CLRG feis in 2022

​Updated as of 4/26/2023

Jill Domick, NY

Isabella Fogarty, Ireland

Maggie Basenberg, NH

Cathy Revis, NH

Sean Flynn, NY

​Ryan McCombe, NY

James Early, NJ

Kerry Broderick, NY

Karyn Oster, TN

Lexa Hickey, NJ

Kevin Sylvester, NY

The Gabor Montague CNY Feis

Syracuse, NY


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The 2023 CNY Feis will be held on Saturday, 4/29/2023


New York State Fairgrounds
Horticulture Building
581 State Fair Blvd
Syracuse, NY13029

Entries: via Feisweb

Cap: 600

Start time: 8:30 am- doors open at 7.30 am

Tentative Schedule: 

Grades: Beginning with beginner and moving through to Prizewinner

PC/OC: Oldest to youngest (approximately)

Adult competitions: Expected to be held in the afternoon